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It is impossible not to be impressed when you first encounter the Florida Keys. The Keys are an unique destination, with their own particular beauty and elegance, they are truly an unique experience for any visitor. My mind and body begin to relax as I enter Key Largo, as I realize that I am beginning to enter the Keys. If it is your desire to stay in a timeshare during your time in the Keys, contact Mr. Chad Newbold, with main offices in Orlando.

Route 1 is the only road from Key Largo to Key West and it is awesome. It goes through tiny villages, orange groves, and passes many small beaches. Shore fisherman, cast for snapper and yellowtail, while flat bottom boats work their way through the flats in their quest for elusive bonefish.

Everywhere, the water is a different and beautiful color: green, turquoise, sapphire, and beige. On the left is the Atlantic Ocean, shallow and various shades of blue; on the right is Florida Bay and then the Gulf of Mexico; murky yet beautiful in shades of green, beige and tan. Numerous islands cover the landscape in the Gulf, as do fishing and pleasure boats.

The drive to Key West could not ever be described as bad. It is beautiful; something new around every bend or over every bridge, especially the seven-mile bridge. Pelicans, large and graceful, fly beside your vehicle as you travel down the highway. Islamorada and Marathon are the only places that slow traffic down on the way to Key West. Slightly north of Marathon is a location that allows you to swim with the dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center. Key West finally emerges. It is a bustling place with lots of people, lots of shops and lots of restaurants.

When you contemplate the Keys, you may consider Key Largo and Key West. If you are considering which one you want to visit on your trip, then take a look at what they both have to offer a would be visitor. To find out which of the Florida Keys locations are most suitable for vacation, contact Chad Newbold, who specializes in Florida timeshares and vacations.

Key West and Key Largo do have many similarities. You can enjoy some of the same activities but each activity will offer unique twists. Key Largo and Key West each have, extensive snorkeling and diving tours available with the beauty of their unique underwater habitat. Both offer fishing in the clear blue waters and wildlife tours. Both boast great restaurants. Both have hotels that fit any type of vacation. Both have exotic animals for your kids to see and learn more about. Both offer great Museums to visit an wonderful theater shows for the family to enjoy.

Key West has diving and snorkeling to view the wonderful underwater creatures never seen before, but if you want to get more out of diving and snorkeling, then Key Largo offers their underwater shipwrecks and underwater statues from hundreds of years ago that are now home to thousands of different underwater creatures.

Key West is more desirable location for fly fishing or hook and line fishing. Key West plays host to many large fishing tournaments. Key Largo has waters that are protected from fishing, but there are still some great fishing locations.

Key Largo and Key West both offer the same things, but each thing in each place is different. So maybe, it might be best to visit both places, but if you are looking to visit only one place, then its going to be your choice as to which one you will be your destination. Key Largo and Key West are both two of the most unique and scenic destinations to visit and expose your children to this uniquely beautiful experience.

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Florida Keys Family Vacations

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This article was published on 2010/12/15